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The Magic Checklist to Create your Own Podcast

The magic checklist to create your own podcast

In past blogs, we’ve talked about the qualities you need to become a natural-born podcaster, we’ve talked about the importance of professionally recording your podcast in a recording studio like nodalab’s, and how podcasting can help your brand to improve your marketing strategy… but today we will return to the basics. In this blog post, we will give you our secret to creating your own podcast: nodalab’s magic checklist to create a podcast that has a meaning, a purpose, and, of course, the best possible quality to stand out from the competition!

At the end of this blog post, you will be able to download our Magic Checklist which we’re sure will help you significantly when you decide to hit the gas and become a natural-born podcaster.

Let’s begin!

Concept of your podcast

To create a good podcast concept, you need to ask yourself, what do you want to talk about in it? What are the topics you’ll address? We recommend, as in all research processes, to go from the general to the particular. If you have already thought about what your general topic is, let’s say food, then the next step is to let your imagination fly and create a list of topics that are related to the central theme of your podcast, for example, fruits, desserts, or tacos. Once you have that list, it will be much easier for you to develop that concept. Think of it as the birth of an idea that forms and develops as you feed it with more ideas or thoughts.

Name your new baby podcast

Once you’ve solved the previous questions, you’ll be ready for a name brainstorming. nodalab’s recommendation is that you have at least 15 options for your podcast. It is also crucial to do a search on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to avoid giving your podcast a name that already exists. Remember that the more passion you put into this project, the more difficult it will be to abandon it and fall into the podfade.


Like TV shows or newscasts, podcasts gain dynamism when they have a specific format. This is the time to choose whether your podcast will be scripted, or you will follow a list of bullet points to guide you on the topics you’ll be talking about; you’ll have to choose if you will have sections and if you will draw a narrative arc to keep your audience more entertained. You can decide as part of the format if you’ll have a co-host, regular guests, or if you will shine on your own as the sole host.

Publishing Frequency

The secret to a hit podcast is habit. Plain and simple. You will need to define a day and the frequency of publication in which you are willing and able to publish (once a week, once a month, every day, that depends on you and your project).

Goals to reach

Every project needs goals and objectives in order to get results. It can be to generate brand awareness, position your company or brand as an opinion leader, increase sales, generate leads or traffic on the website or to reinforce the culture in your organization. That’s up to you. However, we recommend that you do this to find the authentic purpose of creating your podcast and that motivates you to move only forward with your show.

The ideal length

After almost 20 years, the podcast format has an almost infinite variety of combinations for the duration. At nodalab, the ideal duration that we recommend to our clients is a maximum of 30 minutes, because the attention span that we have as humans is less and less due to the consumption of content that we experience every day.

Plan your episode book

When you finish creating your concept, we’ll ask you to save your brainstorming for this second exercise. The second secret for a successful podcast is planning (which is also an essential habit for a winning mindset). Planning your first 15 episodes will give you a much clearer idea of ​​the path your podcast can take and if, for example, you plan to publish on a weekly basis, you’ll have a 3-month runway of content ready to be created and released. Planning a schedule of episodes is a common practice for natural-born podcasters and content creators in general. It requires discipline to create content, are you ready to succeed?

Recording setup

If you are determined to turn a space in your home or workspace into your recording studio, we need to recommend the following: Avoid noisy spaces, be near the windows of your house and a place where you do not hear much echo. We recommend doing sound tests, with good headphones and a microphone to start your podcasting journey. If you need specific options, check out this article on software and equipment recommendations for setting up a home studio for podcasting.


The music of your podcast is the hallmark that will generate brand recall from your audiences. We recommend choosing songs that are royalty-free to avoid having trouble with other creators or ultimately, for your show to never hit the surface because of a very commercial song.

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Congratulations, now that you know everything you need to create your podcast, we want to give you a copy of our perfect checklist.

Working with nodalab: FAQ

Towfiqu Barbhuiya

When we start thinking about the idea of ​​making a podcast, countless questions can come to our minds. Also, there may be countless answers across the internet, but… almost no one has a perfect formula to create a podcast and launch it easily… almost no one, except for nodalab.

Today, we’ll share with you some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from people that seek to create a podcast, but don’t know exactly how to do it.  This blogspot covers each and every one of our services, the way nodalab works, and the most common questions that come up when we are starting our path as natural-born podcasters.

First things first: What services does nodalab offer?

Although the list is quite extensive, our goal is to expand the consumption and creation of podcasts throughout the world. If you are a company looking to create a branded podcast as part of your marketing mix, keep reading! 

Original concepts: We develop concepts from scratch and bring them to paper through a written script. Don’t worry about learning how to write scripts, rundowns, and show notes for your episodes. Let our team of copywriters do it for you.

Content production: You can leave the worry and rush of managing the production of your podcast in the best hands, and focus your energies on what is most important: the well-being and perseverance of your project. We want you to only worry about creating.

Recording podcast studio: Schedule a visit to our studio and discover the magic of doing everything in one place. 2 microphones or 4? Cameras? Switch cam? We have it all.

Post-production of your content: To have an excellent final product, you need excellent processes. The competition in the podcast industry keeps increasing, and a high production quality automatically positions you in another category, far from the DIY Podcaster. Mix, clean, edit your audio, and put some sound design on it to give it a dramatic touch.

What is sound design? Sound design is an art. A set of techniques, operations, and procedures that aim to build a fictional sound universe when you’re listening to a podcast. In other words, is that set of sounds, music, and effects that transport you to another scenario in a blink. If you want to know more about sound design, we invite you to read this blog post, written by Nahielly Chiu, our star sound designer.

Content Publishing: We distribute content in a centralized and coordinated manner across all audio platforms, such as Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Podcast, etc. On social networks and websites. If you need editorial promotion and guideline services, we got your back too.

Do you know what an RSS Feed is? It is quite complicated to explain, but basically, is the information about your podcast in a link. That’s right. A link. And every time you upload a new episode, this link is updated, and your podcast is updated on all audio streaming platforms. But don’t worry, nodalab has the most complete publishing services, which include publishing in RSS Feed, Websites, and YouTube, among others.

If nodalab publishes my podcast, does nodalab keep it? The answer is no. nodalab has publishing services, however, we always make sure you remain the owner. We just manage and handle it for you to facilitate, but the owner of the podcast is you.

We design the branding of your podcast: Do you want to make a cover for your podcast? Wanna have cool animations for the intro and outro for your reels and Tik Toks? Request a quote and start today. What easier way to create than to do it all in one place?

We grow audiences: We create marketing, audio, and video strategies so that your message reaches the right people. Also, if you already have the following base and an established podcast, we have a marketplace that can help you position your podcast in the rankings. You can ask our team and they will immediately respond to you. 

Now… you are probably wondering, do I have to buy the whole package?

The answer is no. All our quotes are modular, you’re free to can add or remove all the services you want.

Last but not least… do you do video podcasts?

The answer is yes! Video podcasting is becoming more and more popular every day, so our studio is well suited and has the ability to do a podcast recording with 3 different cameras. This way you can have different angles and you can create more dynamism with your podcast.

As you can see, making a podcast can be a super easy, enjoyable, and creative process for you. With nodalab, you have the guarantee of all stages of the podcast journey with the highest quality in the market.

Join the podcasting revolution here.