5 Key Actions to Grow Your Podcast Audience

Podcasting is everywhere. Four years ago, nobody would have thought they’d be listening to podcasts once a week. Six years ago, nobody would’ve thought that podcasting would be an innovative marketing strategy to speak in such an intimate way to consumers. But today, audio is the preferred way to deliver powerful messages and is the preferred channel of many brands seeking to reach consumers through other senses. We’re convinced these 5 Key Actions to grow your podcast audience will help you.

According to the 2021 EncuestaPod, 80% of Spanish-speaking audiences listen to podcasts on their phones or tablets. The main reason for podcast listening is to learn new things to entertain themselves. Most people listen to new podcasts through social media. It’s the perfect match for a high-impact marketing mix.

Advertising agencies have increased the use of podcasts to promote brands and services, and many Marketing Managers have perceived the format as a source of profit to attract new leads and regular visits to their websites. In addition, advertising is the biggest source of podcast monetization, and what we can see in the future is that the combo podcasts + advertising is not going anywhere.

Podcasting is part of the official ad games, but… it takes a lot more than just putting yourself out there to grow your podcast. Nothing impossible, you’ll see.

In this blogpost, we will tell you 5 key actions to grow your podcast that will give value to your audiences to stay motivated and continue listening to your podcast.

Create an exciting show (and a killer trailer): Has it ever happened to you that you’re thinking about creating a podcast, but you don’t dare to take the risk, and suddenly someone else pitches the idea you once had? At nodalab we see it happen more often than you imagine. Let’s remember that in the creator economy an idea is not enough: you need the desire, motivation, and commitment to create a show that moves your audience, a podcast where you can transmit emotions is a successful podcast, and if you manage to synthesize that emotion, along with the general topics in a Trailer of fewer than 3 minutes, we can tell you that you are on the other side. Do you want to know how to make the perfect trailer for your podcast? We tell you the secrets here.

SEO is your best friend, use it: We recommend that the titles of your episodes and the descriptions (or show notes) are written well enough for your audience to find your show and even if they don’t have time to listen to it, they can know the value you are giving, in a couple of paragraphs. This fuels searches and will rank your podcast and website higher. Remember that even if you don’t have a website, streaming apps also have their own search engine and deliver podcast audiences the most listened-to content with the best rankings out there.

Add tags, subscription links, and CTA’s to climb the rankings: A good description is not enough, and good content is not enough if it is not well coordinated. We recommend that you add to the description of your episode tags or keywords related to the category, subscription links, and a couple of CTA’s to help your show get some reviews. This action feeds search engines and will make your podcast more discoverable.

Mix formats and interview interesting people: A good practice to keep your listeners with as much content as possible is to mix formats. Although the interview format is the simplest in terms of preparation and production, there is a lot of competition outside. 

But, what would happen if you mix an interview with interesting personalities or other podcasters and then give your audience a shorter format with valuable content? ? Okay, we’ll tell you:  They will love it.

Choose your battles with social networks: Imagine that social networks are scenarios and the content is the play… there are all kinds of stages and all kinds of plays. Depending on the topic you are playing with your podcast, we recommend you choose well where you will develop the dissemination strategy, we will share a couple of tips with you. If your podcast is about business, economics, or tech, we recommend you promote it on LinkedIn. If your podcast is about comedy, education, music, or crime, we recommend you promote it on Instagram. Finally, if your podcast is focused on news, science, or sports, the social network that we recommend you use is Twitter to promote it.

These are some of the key actions you need to use to grow your podcast. If you need help, if you are looking for specific strategies and specialized consultancy, write to us through any of our social networks, or fill out our form here.