Three Remarkable Books for Curious Podcasters

A podcast is much more than a space where people talk. A podcast can become pulitzer-worthy material, or a masterfully orchestrated experience to challenge the conventions of art. As you enter the world of podcasting, you will find that there are many resources from which you can absorb the knowledge to become a professional. 

Call us old-school, but when it comes to learning and feeling guided, there is no better place than a book. (Well, maybe a good podcast)

Books to learn how to do a podcast

There are an impressive number of podcasts that have spawned books. But there are also books that can teach us about the power of podcasting in clever ways

We have already mentioned that the most recognized podcasters in the world share something in common. They all know how to write. 

We also talked about a legendary book with guidelines that we adapted to podcasting, but this time, we will review three mind-blowing books that will help you understand better the magic of podcasting, and might also help you unlock your inner natural-born podcaster.

Lessons from the most popular shows

Out on the Wire by Jessica Abel

Jessica Abel is a creative professional with more than 30 years in the business. She’s a cartoonist, teacher, coach and a prominent author. She has a podcast that explores the virtues of journalism in audio format, it’s called Out on the Wire.

But Out on the Wire is also a fantastic book that looks deep into the process behind radio, filled with excellent tips for anyone who might be interested in delving into the field themselves. 

It includes interviews with hosts of podcasts like This American Life, Radiolab, Snap Judgment, Planet Money, the Moth Radio Hour, Radio Diaries, and 99% Invisible. 

The biggest reason why the book is worth owning (besides listening to the podcast) is because it’s graphic nonfiction. Which means you get to actually see these producers grapple with the big issues of podcasting, and work them through, step by step.

A Book For Non-Fiction Podcasts

Storycraft by Jack Hart

Narrative nonfiction is creative writing based on truth that tells a story. “Great narrative,” Hart writes, “rests on the three legs of character, action, and scene, and character comes first because it drives the other two.”

Jack Hart is a professional journalist who shares the skills to write an effective non-fiction story for a newspaper or magazine. In the book’s second edition, he included a new chapter exclusively focused on podcasting.

From short articles to full books, he uses several works to take a deep dive into concepts. By the time you finish reading it, you will have a much more technical and sharp approach to storytelling.

A Book For Storytelling Podcasts

Bombs Always Beep by KC Wayland

With this book you learn to master all the sound features that turn your podcast into an immersive experience, almost like a VR game. It’s a really useful guide for producing an audio drama. 

This is the book to learn how to create compelling modern audio theater and distribute it online as a successful podcast. If you want to add foleys and SFX to your podcast and make it epic, here you’ll learn how (and why) to do it.

Looking forward to becoming a professional podcaster?

There are also books to help you leverage your podcast and find new and different forms of funding. We recommend Profit from your Podcast by Dave Jackson to learn the most important fundamentals of Pricing, Sponsors and Crowdfunding in full detail.

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