What if there was a way to revolutionize podcasting...

by making it accessible and profitable for everyone?


The podcast industry is booming!
But on average, half of the podcasts ever launched,
never make it past

the 7th show.


As for the other

most of them will struggle with establishing an audience
and ultimately monetizing their content.


Jorge Gonzalez | He/Him

Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Sofia Benedicto | She/Her

Chief Creative Officer | Cofounder

Marcela Pérez | She/Her

Chief Growth Officer

Nahielly Chiu | She/Her

Sound Designer

Ren Ramírez | They/Them

Audio/Video Editor

Miguel Andrade | He/Him

Audio Editor

Zuri García | She/Her

Office Manager

Fernando Rubín | He/Him


Sam Peñalva | He/Him

Mixing Engineer

Job Olvera | He/Him

Video Editor

Laura Velasco | She/Her

Graphic Designer

Maca del Val | She/Her

Community Manager