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Are you an emerging podcaster or blogger? We seek to empower podcast entrepreneurs by bridging the gap between creativity and technology.

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Nodalab arises in the midst of the podcast revolution, assisting emerging authors to expand their reach and optimize their content delivery.

You have a message to give the world, we are here to help you spread the word.


Nodalab works closely with digital media producers and content developers who have both know how and integrity.

We are passionate about excellence and believe in the strong energy of creative teams.


about Jorge Gonzalez nodalab

Jorge Gonzalez

Founder/Head of Production

"As a producer and sound engineer, I realized there was a missing link between producers and content makers trying to achieve a common goal. Nodalab was founded as a creative hub to fill that gap."

Sofia Benedicto

Copywriter/Community Manager

"There is a unique way in which we can tell stories and make a positive impact in others. By dedicating myself to the craft of writing, I have found more than one way to share stories. Nodalab and Podcasting has it all together."

Nahielly Chiu

Nahielly Chiu

Sound editor

"I felt drawn to writing all my life, but in the end I decided to follow a stronger passion: audio engineering. In Nodalab, I found a creative space in which I can develop both editing and writing simultaneously. I'm in love with all the things I've learned and I'm excited to produce more."